Live Esports Betting » Top Sites For Your Esports Bets

Live Esports Betting » Top Sites For Your Esports Bets

One of the coolest things that you can look to do with in-game betting is lock up profits from your pre-game bets. Now, whether you want to do this or not will be completely up to you as some people might say you’re giving up value by doing it. But, for a lot of us, we would prefer to lock up a guaranteed win even if it lowers the potential we can make. Let’s explain a little more what hedging is and look at a real-world example. The last things we like to see are the little things that make the experience smoother and much more efficient.

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You need to be aware of this and make sure that you do whatever is necessary to prevent yourself from falling into the chase trap. Well, you’re now in this game for $60 which is 3 times what you normally like to bet on a game.

We’ve seen a lot of people end up much deeper in, literally hundreds of dollars into a game without even realizing it. Most in-game betting platforms are going to give you the option to take a bet no matter what the odds are or take if the odds got better. The lines don’t just move a tiny bit in the world of in-game betting. They can shit by several hundred points in a matter of seconds. NEVER under any circumstances select to take any bet regardless of the odds. This is a some what short tip that should be common sense, but we’re going to point it out anyway just to be sure. Something that is going to happen a lot to you is that the odds are going to change while you’re in the process of making your bets.

If the buttons are too close together, hard to understand, or anything like that, it puts you at risk of making an incorrect bet in the heat of a game. The lines are going to be changed in real-time, and they are not going to wait for the site if it is slow. Yes, even though the site is making their own lines, they still aren’t going to wait for themselves if the server is running slowly.

This does not mean you’re doing anything wrong, it’s just the nature of how it all works. If there is one word that we can use to accurately describe in-game betting, it is fast. The bets and the numbers come at you fast and if you aren’t prepared, you’re going to find yourself behind the ball and missing out on a lot of value or the bet you want completely. The best way to get ahead of this is by scouting the bets you’re interested in beforehand and having a plan of attack.

Yes, you’ll have to make your bets quickly, but you don’t have to make a ton of them. Do some extra planning before the game starts, so you know that you’re ready.

Our staff member checked the in-game betting lines, and you could bet the Rockies to win the game at +616. This was an opportunity to hedge our staff member chose to jump on because they thought this line was way too high. Hedging is when you bet on the other side of the game to lock up a potential profit. Here’s a real-world example from a recent baseball game from one of our staff members. The Milwaukee Brewers were playing against the Colorado Rockies. Our staff member chose to bet $50 on the Brewers to win at (-145). This means that if the Brewers were to win, they would receive $34. 48 in profit.

It’s so easy to convince yourself that you can find value and save the day. With traditional betting, you don’t have the means to chase live casino once the last game has started. With in-game, though, you have the ability to chase all the way up until the end of the game.

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